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Maine winters are long and cold. Your heating system is in almost constant demand to maintain the comfort of your home. It's important to know there is a reliable system working for you.

Today's technology offers so many options for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. It's no longer just a simple choice between forced hot air or forced hot water, natural gas or heating oil. Today's systems are more adaptable to your specific lifestyle. We can design a complete system that prioritizes your comfort and needs.

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is on everyone's minds, especially in southern Maine. If your current system is more than 10 years old or you are relying on traditional heating oil, it might be time to upgrade. A high efficiency gas-fired system will help you get the most heat from your fuel budget. Technological improvements make today's systems quieter, more compact, and more reliable. Let's discuss the appropriate system for your specifications.

There may be ways to save money on your project. Please check with your tax preparer or click the links below to review the latest information about tax credits and Energy Star ratings.

Click here to see a gallery of our professional heating system installations throughout Portland and Southern Maine and beyond!

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